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The Santa Maria Fairpark Foundation would like to recognize and sincerely thank our Founding Members for their support.  It is through the generosity of our members that the Foundation can continue to provide scholarships and make improvements to the Fairpark.


Will and Carolyn Adam, Adam Land Developers

Debbi Adam

Edward and Danielle Aldridge

Cameron and Amber Anderson

Jake and Rebecca Barks

Keith and Sheri Barks

Danny and Kari Bohard

Central Coast Remedial Resources, Inc.

Central Electric, Inc.​

Community Bank of Santa Maria

Cool Hand Luke's

Diani Companies

Dino and Noelle Cosma, Cosco Diversified Finishes, Inc.

Ken Dewar, JB Dewar Inc.

Steve and Melissa Diaz

Matt and Katy Dockstader

Jamie Donati and Ron Menane, Donati Trucking

Mike and Jessica Draper, Santa Maria Valley Crop Service

Dubowsky Family

Brent and Lisa Fletcher, Screamin' Chivas Ranch

Erenberg Bros. - Howard, Dana and Liana Erenberg

Kevin and Sarah Estrada

Mark and Renee Fowler

Steven and Hollie Funkhouser

Anna Machado-George

Jim and Kathy Glines

Dale and Stacy Grant, DNS Backhoe Service, Inc.

Mike and Wendy Hall

Chris and Dayna Hammell

Home Motors

Jackson and Sakora Hooper

Tom and Stephanie Hughey

Randy and Debbie Jones, Hometown Insurance Services, Inc.

Allan Jones, Santa Ynez Valley Real Estate Company


Mrs. Dottie Lyons

Ian and Robin Masopust

John and Cheryl McGray

Kevin Merrill, Mesa Vineyard Management

Tab and Jennifer Miller, Tab Miller Electic, Inc & 6-M Enterprises

Tim and Katy Murphy, Irish Oaks Ranch

Nielsen Building Materials, Inc.

Nipomo Feed

Dustin and Marna Noblitt

Pacific Beverage

Chris Pankey, CP Construction

Richard and Terri Persons

Jim and Jennifer Philson, Western Trans Logistics

Potter Enterprises

Mark and Shannon Powell

Jamie and Shawn Rees

Joe and Renee Reynoso

Paul and Susan Righetti

Tim Righetti

Tricia Ritchie

Rocco and Kathy Roberts, Roberts Livestock

Lynda Ruggerio

Kevin and Amy Sage

San Miguel Farms, Inc.

San Ysidro Farms, Inc.

Traci Simas, Darren M. Simas Trucking

Allan Teixeira, Thousand Hills Ranch

Tom and Amy Thompson

Tommy Thompson, Thompson and Harvey

Ryan and Genevieve Tremper, Barnwood Event Rentals

Michael and Jeanette Veino

Jon and Janeen Wesner

AJ Whitten, Coast Networx, Inc.

Wineman Cattle Company



Babe Farms

Al and Susette Bennett, Caldera Fence Inc.

Edgar and Johanne Corteguera, One Simple Solution

Doss Family Trucking

Law Office of Aaron B. Smith

Les Graulich, Plantel Nurseries

Luis and Melissa Guerra

Laurie Moore

Kaci Morrell, Pizza Shack

The Home Connection

Lynn Ventura, Dunhill Farms

Steve and Marie Will



Adam S. Haws, DDS, Inc.

Mike and Yvonne Biely

Dave and Andra Campbell

Doug and Terri Lee Coleman

Greg and Margie Hamon

Jack's All American Plumbing

Doug and Deb Jeffers

Tony and Erin Krier

Neil and Michelle Machado

Roland N. Miller, D.C.

Natalie Montoya

Rich and Cheri Palin, Santa Maria Towing

Melissa Shelly

Marvin Snyder

Steven and Kathleen Binns Stevenson


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